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Software Design (ThinkSoft)

With a wealth of experience in designing and manipulating software, our team can assist you in your software needs.

ThinkSoft runs workshops and seminars in:

  • SQL programming (intermediate and advanced)
  • Database design
  • Software project management skills

If you wish to know more about our services contact us today

Digital publishing (ThinkSoft Digital Publishing)

As an independent publishing house ThinkSoft Digital Publishing provides an alternative to authors seeking publication.  In addition to assisting with printing options, embracing the digital age and an instant world wide reading audience, we can arrange and publish your book in a digital format and arrange for it to sell on online eBook sites such as iTunes, Kobo and Amazon. ThinkSoft Digital Publishing runs workshops, webinars and seminars on:

  • Publishing in multiple formats including eBooks, apps, hard cover books and online games and teaching aids.
  • How to write for children
  • How to use eBook programs creatively to suit your work needs

If you have written or are thinking of writing a book and are interested in publishing it, find out more by contact us today.

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Alternatively we can be reached during Australian business hours by calling 0423 326 505

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